Would you like to know what "knedlík", "svíčková", "buchta" or “česnečka” is? Then do not miss this chance to find out for yourself with ESN members!
Our special dinner menu includes soup, the main dish (beef, dumplings, sour cream sauce), sweet dessert plus 1 drink (Czech beer, water or some soft drink).

A vegetarian or vegan option will NOT be provided, sorry guys.

WHEN? On Thursday at 6 pm
WHERE? Šnyt Mikulda restaurant
MEETING POINT? Envelopa and Neředín receptions (17:30), ESN members will pick you up ;)
PRICE? 250,- CZK (Czech cash only.)
WHO CAN ATTEND? There is a limited number of seats for 100 people, you can get your ticket at the registration on Monday

See you there guys!
ESN crew :)

07/02/2019 - 17:30