University students and foreign students can stay in one of the 12 dormitories. Housing is guaranteed for students and teachers from abroad. No university housing is available for students with families. Should you plan to come with your spouse and/or family, you will have to find a private housing, which is more expensive. The International Relations Office will assist you, but cannot guarantee an adequate place for a reasonable price.


On-campus accommodation

Most of the dormitories are located in the Envelopa campus (near the city centre) and in the Neředín campus (located at the outskirts of Olomouc, aprox. 15 minutes far away from the city centre). Current price (2018) for accommodation is between 89,- to 118,- CZK per day per person (including utilities and services). Although dormitories vary in size, all rooms are equipped at least with a desk, a bed and closet space for each student. Normally, two students (in some cases three students) share a room and two rooms share a bathroom. Each suite is equipped with a refrigerator and an incoming telephone and internet connection; to make outgoing calls, you need to use public telephones, located in the reception area. All buildings contain recreation areas, TV and study rooms and cooking facilities (no cooking utensils and dishes, though). Bedding is changed usually every two weeks. Cleaning facilities, iron, ironing board, key to launderette are available for a low fee at the reception. What is not allowed in Palacky University dormitories.

A list of dormitory rules is given to each student when registered in hall of dormitory, some of the most important issues are mentioned below: 
smoking/alcohol/drugs are NOT allowed in any Palacký University dormitory! Any disturbing noise is strictly prohibited between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. No pets are allowed. Do not attempt to make any repairs on your own, always inform the reception.

Students who repeatedly break the dormitory rules, will be expelled from the dorms and their home institution will be immediately informed about their offence behaviour!

In our dormitories, a limited number of single and double rooms is available. Students suffering from any physical disability or under medical treatment have priority in assigning a single room, others are served on a first-come, first-served basis. A request for accommodation should be sent to the International Relations Office in due time.


Upon the arrival

Upon the arrival the rent is due by the end of the month. In general the rent is always paid by the end of the current month (i.e. rent for October is paid in October, rent for December is paid in December etc.) at the porter‘s lodge or in the accommodation office in your dormitory in cash or by an international credit card.

You will be asked to sign an accommodation contract for the planned length of your stay*. In case you need to leave the dorms earlier than originally planned, you must give a written notice in the accommodation office in advance – please read well your contract to understand a month notice period – otherwise you pay according to the contract (always for the whole month). The dorms are open over Christmas/Easter holidays too.

At the registration (during the first days after the arrival), you will be charged a refundable deposit that equals to your monthly rent (in fact your rent per one day x 30, the deposit may vary as the daily rent differs based on the of type of the room). Please note that the deposit in the amount of 1500 CZK (approximately 60 Euro) is no more valid even if you can still find such information on the web or in some printed materials. The new information has been released quite recently.

* At this point, please note that the dates of your stay written in the accommodation contract you sign after your arrival are obligatory and you will be required to pay for your accommodation within the stated dates unless you inform the accommodation office about a change in advance. There is a month notice period (read your contract well!) In particular, students who want to change dates of their departure scheduled for e.g. January must inform the accommodation office by the end of November to get the change accepted! It is an important reminder mainly for those of you who will plan to shorten accommodation in dorms/ but also for those planning to prolong their stay and secure the same place for the rest of their stay.

You will need a passport size photograph for a dormitory card.

When assigned a room, check if anything is not in order (broken, missing etc.) and inform the reception immediately.

When leaving the room, always remember to lock the door, even if it is for a short time.

When you change your place of residence, please inform the International Relations Office or your contact person at your department, and the Foreign Police (VISA students - Mrs. Yvona Vyhnánková).


Envelopa Campus

Envelopa dormitories are located near the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Education, therefore mainly students of these faculties are preferably accommodated there. Students can use a laundry room, a drying room, a television room, a music room there. Bed linen exchange takes place every fortnight. Private laundry facilities – 2 automatic washing machines. At the reception desk one can borrow an iron, ironing board, and vacuum cleaner.
Other facilities you may be interested in: apart of students’ cafeteria providing lunches and dinners 7 days a week, there is a bookstore; hairdresser’s services; doctor’s offices; students’ club (U-klub) etc. This residence halls area is easily accessible by the public transport system, the nearest tram and bus stops are only about 3-min walk, the train station is located about 15-min walk away (2 tram stops), to get to the bus station takes about 10 minutes by tram.


Neředín Campus

The dormitories in Neředín campus are located max. 15 min by tram to the University i.e. to the center of Olomouc. On the campus a students´ cafeteria providing meals for students is open for 5 days a week. Students can order their meals either in the downtown (*Envelopa campus area) or in Neředín.
The dormitories in Neředín provides suites consisting of four rooms (usually 2 single +2 double). All suites are equipped with a bathroom and a toilet for every two rooms, and a kitchen area with a stove, microwave oven, electric kettle (no cooking utensils and dishes, though). Each room is equipped with beds, writing tables, book shelves and a refrigerator. Although there are no computers in the rooms, an access to the Internet is arranged and students possessing their own notebooks will not have problems to use them. In the entrance hall of the dormitory wi-fi is available. The access is free. The dorms also provide laundry facilities, cleaning utensils (vacuum cleaner), iron etc. Bedding is provided and changed usually every two weeks. Students must bring their own towels. Each suite has an incoming telephone connection; to make outgoing calls, you need to use public telephones. An internet connecting cable is recommended to be taken with.
No university accommodation is available for students with families; should you plan to come with your spouse and/or children, you will have to find a private accommodation, which is much more expensive. The International Relations Office cannot guarantee an adequate place for a reasonable price.

Off –campus accommodation

Students who would like to arrange off-campus accommodation should contact real-estate agencies in Olomouc.

Students are advised to check the flat or the room and ask for detailed information on electricity, heating and water charges (which are additional to rent) before signing a housing contract. Students who arrange off-campus accommodation are requested to inform UP International Relations Office.