Medical Care

Palacký University Olomouc has made an agreement with doctors at the Olomouc Military Hospital (Vojenská nemocnice Olomouc) to provide health services for international students and UP employees.

Exchange international students can contact the doctors Monday–Friday, from 9 - 11 a.m. via telephone at +420 973 407 040 and should bring along their ID (passport or ID card) and health insurance valid in the Czech Republic (EU students should bring EHIC and confirmation on registration* and non-EU students should bring confirmation on the comprehensive health insurance they bought from a Czech insurance company).

kpt. MUDr. Darina Kaiprová
Ambulance primární péče
tel.: 973 407 040

If MUDr. Kaiprová is not available, please contact:

MUDr. Milan Veselý
tel: 973 407 039

MUDr. J. Křivohlávková

From the Envelopa campus, you can walk to the Olomouc Military Hospital (about 20min walk), students living in Neředín can take a taxi or use public transportation - tram to Nám. Hrdinů and then a bus no.20 to Klašterní Hradisko (find the connection at

In case of emergency please go to Olomouc University Hospital, Emergency ward located in the Surgery Clinic (blue building) - so called „urgentní příjem/pohotovost“

Office hours on working days: 3 pm – 7 am, on weekend 24hours

Please note that every patient must pay 90 CZK fee there. It is important to take the health insurance with you! * Foreign students who cannot speak Czech are recommended to come with a Czech buddy/fellow student who can help in communication with the medical staff.

* EU citizen holding a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) needs to register the health insurance at a Czech insurance company for the time of the stay. Incoming exchange students are provided with the assistance to register EHIC after the arrival during the orientation program organized by the International Relations Office. In need of immediate medical care, go to „urgentní příjem“ only  with the EHIC card or any health insurance you possess.

To get to the Olomouc University Hospital you can use the public transport - tram no. 1, 4 or 6* direction Nová Ulice, get off at the stop Fakultní nemocnice or better take a taxi (800 15 05 05/ 800 22 30 30) to „urgent“.


Ambulance should be called only in life emergency cases!


Dental Emergency (24/7) - Olomouc University Hospital, I. P. Pavlova 185/6, KÚČOCH (Dept. of Oral and Jaw Surgery).
For medical issues that require attention within 24 hours please try to come by 8pm.
During night hours 22pm -7am please come only for medical issues which require immediate care (injury, bleeding).


MD Veronika Lattová and MD Jaroslav Klát, Ph.D. +420 727 988 911, (J. L. Fischer Student Dormitory, Šmeralova 10).

Office hours: TUE 12pm-16pm, WED 12pm-18pm, THU 8am -16pm

For other medical specialists and services, visit the main Olomouc healthcare centres such as

Health Centre "Poliklinika" Olomouc, třída Svobody 32,
Olomouc University Hospital, I. P. Pavlova 6,,
All the doctors below from the Health Centre "Poliklinika"are guaranteed to speak English.

  • surgeon MD Ondřej Kroupa +420 585 506 233
  • gynaecologist MD Imad Hamdanieh +420 585 506 223
  • GP, psychiatrist MD Dagmar Přikrylová +420 585 506 146
  • dentist MD Radomír Hanos +420 585 506 303


There are a number of pharmacies in the centre of Olomouc. While basic medicine and vitamins or tea are available over counter, for more specialized medicine you will always need to have a prescription. If you need special medication, either bring enough for the entire duration of your stay or note down the chemical composition of the drug as the commercial names of medicine vary depending on the country. A good idea is to bring along an empty container when you go see the Czech doctor. It will help them to find a substitute.

RT-PCR COVID-19 testing

Based on the official information from the Czech Ministry of Health and Interior it depends on which country you are arriving from if and when you are required to take the RT-PCR test after the arrival in the Czech Republic.

You should check the list of countries according to the level of risk at

To report your arrival in the Czech Republic please use the questionnaire.

Testing in Olomouc:

General information for self-payers and indicated testing is on the web

To the sampling point go with:

  • your ID card (passport or ID card)
  • bank card (only cashless payment is accepted)
  • wear a face mask
  • walk to the sampling point, it is about 20 minutes´ walking from Envelopa / Neředín

In the sampling point – hand in the form with personal data and contacts, show your ID to prove the personal identity and pay by card for the RT-PCR test + official certificate of the result. Then, you are asked to move to another room for the test. The sample is taken from the throat and nose.

A result should be delivered within 24 hours, you will receive an SMS on a negative result. If tested positive, you receive a phone call from the Regional Public Health Authority in Olomouc. The SMS will contain the login data into the database to download the official certificate on the test result. The certificate must be forwarded via email to

Please note that after the arrival and any time later when you decide about going for the RT_PCR test, you pay for it. BUT, in case you get ill or in case you have been in contact with a person tested positive, the GP decides about the testing. If you are indicated for the RT_PCR test by the medical doctor your health insurance covers the cost of the test.

The main official information sources on the coronavirus COVID-19 spread in the Czech Republic are the Czech Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior, please check the information updates.  

In case of need: The Central Public Health Authority line (dial 1221) is also available in English from anywhere in the Czech Republic on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Testing places in Olomouc:

University Hospital -
Vojenská nemocnice Olomouc -

Testing in Prague:

Students arriving in Prague airport can use the testing services at the airport. More info at:

In case of medical emergencies, call:

  • 112 (SOS Emergency call)
  • 155 (life emergency)
  • 585 228 811 ( DELTA – private ambulance service)